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West Bengal (area 88,752 sq km) is the only Indian state to have a coastal line as well as the Himalayas and is situated between 21°20’N and 27°32’N latitude and 85°50’E and 89°52’E longitude. The state of West Bengal has a recorded forest area of 11,879 sq km. The forest areas are classified into three categories-(i) Reserved forest with an area of 7054 sq km. (ii) Protected forest with an area of 3772 sq km & (iii) Unclassed State Forest with an area of 1053 sq km. This constitutes 13.38% of the total geographical area of the state. The forest cover includes both notified forest area and afforestation created outside forest and it constitutes 21.35% of the geographical area of the state.

The State accounts for 2.69% of the country’s geographical area and supports approximately 7.54% of the population. The population density of the State with 1029 persons per sq. km is the highest in the country. The demand of the huge population on the limited natural resources i.e. the land and forests exerts a tremendous negative impact on these resources. Forest department of West Bengal thus pioneered on innovative strategies to conserve forest resources such as Public participatory-Joint Forest Management. Also Forest Department has been implementing various schemes to increase the forest and tree cover through promotion of Social Forestry, Farm Forestry, Agro Forestry, Community Forestry and Afforestation on wasteland, panchayat land, private land that are outside the notified forest areas. In this back ground Compensatory Afforestation done in substitution of diverted forest land holds its significance.

The Functions of West Bengal State CAMPA

The Functions of West Bengal State Campa shall include, inter alia.

  • Funding, overseeing and promoting compensatory afforestation done in lieu of diversion of forest land for non-forestry use under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980.

  • Overseeing forest and wildlife conservation and protection works within forest areas undertaken and financed under the programme.

  • Maintaining a separate account in respect of the funds received from conservation and protection of Protected Areas.

  • Creating transparency for the programme and mobilizing citizen support; and.

  • Earmarking up to two percent of the funds for monitoring and evaluation.

Th West Bengal State Campa shall be the custodian of the Compensatory Afforestation Fund.

In pursuance to the guidelines on West Bengal State Campa issued by MoEF, GOI dated 02nd July, 2009 and subsequent letter No. 5-1/2009-FC dt. 21.07.2009 from the Director General of Forests and Special Secretary, MoEF, GOI, West Bengal State Campa has been formed.

The West Bengal State CAMPA comprises of three committees-

  • Governing Body.

  • Steering Committee.

  • Executive Committee.

Chairman of Governing Body

Name: Mamata Banerjee

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of West Bengal.

Member Secretary of Governing Body

Sri Vivek Kumar

IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Dept. of Forests, Government of West Bengal.

Chairman of Steering Committee

Hari Krishna Dwivedi

IAS, Chief Secretary Government of West Bengal.

Member Secretary of Steering Committee

Sri Sandeep Sundriyal

IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Executive Officer, WB CAMPA

Chairman of Executive Committee

Dr. Jose T. Mathew

IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force), Government of West Bengal

Member Secretary of Executive Committee

Sri Sandeep Sundriyal,

IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Executive Officer, WB CAMPA

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